Cast a Vote for the President’s Room

It seems appropriate to feature Woodrow House Bed & Breakfast’s President’s Room amid all of the hoopla surrounding the impending presidential election. While choosing the right candidate might prove challenging, reserving beautiful accommodations while in Lubbock isn’t nearly as taxing.

The President’s Room is located on the first floor with a separate entrance which opens onto a veranda, and the hot tub and pool are just a few short steps away. The forest green and burgundy color scheme set the stage for the stately, antique furniture. The queen-size mahogany bed is paired with a matching mirrored dresser and night stand. The armoire, accented by double mirrored doors, was purchased separately at a local antique auction. David couldn’t resist channeling Tim Allen in Home Improvement, so he removed the water restrictors from the dual shower heads in the spacious bathroom. This feature gets rave reviews from guests who enjoy the more than invigorating stream of warm water. For guests with disabilities, the room is accessible by wheelchair.

Blake Typewriter

This room is a history buff’s dream!  Just inside the interior door is a typewriter that once belonged to the founder of the Continental Oil & Transportation Company, Conoco, Isaac E. Blake. Our son, Chase, was curious about our new acquisition when we brought it home so many years ago. When we told him it was a typewriter, he wasn’t familiar with the term. Our easiest explanation was to refer to it as an old-fashioned computer.

Washington’s Hair

David’s older brother, Charlie, has a passion for collecting famous signatures, and that has been a boon to us in selecting items that compliment the theme of this very special room. The walls are dotted with several notable names, including William McKinley (25th President), Herbert Hoover (31st President) Richard Nixon (37th President), Gerald Ford (38th President) and wife, Betty, Ronald Reagan (40th President), and Bill Clinton (42nd President). Party lines aren’t an issue here.

Lincoln’s Hair

We are most proud of a framed lock of George Washington’s hair. It is the first in a numbered series of 300. Our documentation includes a certificate of authenticity signed by John Reznikoff, who holds the Guinness World Record for largest collection of celebrity hair in existence. Who knew it was a hobby! The lock of hair was presented to Ann Caroline Bayard by Martha Washington. Bayard first became acquainted with George as a small child. On another wall hangs a lock snipped from Abraham Lincoln’s head following the assassination attempt at Ford’s Theatre. The hair was removed to access the bullet wound, and later given to Mary Todd Lincoln. It also is authenticated by Reznikoff, and is number 122 of 300.

I’m proud to say that David’s hobby also is on display in the room. The transom above the exterior door frames his stained glass interpretation of the Great Seal of the United States. There are five stained glass lamps and four other stained glass windows which were crafted by David.

Transom Glass
1963 Kennedy Dinner Ticket

The JFK fundraising dinner ticket next to the mirrored dresser was purchased by George Woodrow Fleming, David’s paternal grandfather, for the then exorbitant price of $100 (today’s cost would be $744.58). The event was slated to take place during Kennedy’s ill-fated trip to Texas in November of 1963. Of course, it was never used. Lunie, Woodrow’s wife and David’s grandmother, saved the ticket and recently gave it to Charlie. Charlie graciously let us laser copy the original so we could display it in the room.

Every room in our Bed & Breakfast is interesting and beautifully appointed, but the President’s Room is so special because of its ease of access and the wealth of history ensconced in the room. The common rooms are conveniently accessed, our outdoor features are a hop, skip and a jump away, and comfort is a forgone conclusion. I hope you have as much fun as I did with all of the interesting reading that documents the room’s accessories.

Rates are $99-$119 weekdays/$119-$139 weekends

Rates are per night, single or double occupancy

Room sleeps two, but can accommodate roll-away bed

$15 each additional adult

David & Dawn Fleming, Owners/Innkeepers

2629 19th Street

(At corner of Boston Avenue across from Texas Tech University)

Lubbock, Texas 79410

Phone: 806-793-3330 Toll Free: 800-687-5236

Click to E-mail Innkeeper


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